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207 N Boone Street, Johnson City, Tn 37604 / 423-434-6530

Re: The Proclaimation for Inclusion jpg, / Proclaimation PDF, / Proclaimation MS/Word

Dear Friend:

Enclosed you will find a copy of our first proclamation in support of inclusive education. CADA volunteers want to thank you for your support and endorsement as we promote inclusive education in our communities.

We ask that you display this proclamation. All children deserve the right to be educated along side their peers. CADA encourages you to enlist others in the community, such as, business leaders, parents, educators and community groups to consider adopting this proclamation. CADA volunteers are willing to speak at your event about this proclamation and/or to present the proclamation in person.

This proclamation has been developed and sent to you at a cost of about $2.00 per copy. If you wish to contribute to the cost of the proclamation, you may send a contribution to Nappe at 207 N Boone Street, Johnson City, Tn 37604.

Thanks for your support.


Contact to Support or sign on to the Proclaimation for Inclusion