Ingredents for Sucessful Inclusion of All People
By Barbara H. Dyer, JD

The following points are comprehensive and all encompassing as an absolute necessity for the consideration of matches amongst students and professionals for assurance of successful inclusive placement!

All directly involved:

• should believe in the philosophy that all students have separate and different individualized needs.

•(they) will then realize that the same formula does not work for all students and modification and various multi-sensory techniques will become a more natural approach.

•(they) need to have the capacity for acceptance, tolerance, sensitivity and the celebration of diversity.

•(they) should hold in high regard the importance of "setting up" for successful outcomes as opposed to "setting up" for failure.

•(they) should be "child centered" and able to identify with those individuals for whom they are the role models.

•(they) should not be so wrapped up in "controlling" but instead build good relationships based on mutual respect.

The above attributes are most often naturally found or cultivated in people and really cannot be mandated in those who are not of the same philosophy.

Therefore, it is very important to find good "matches" amongst students
and professionals.

The provision of guidance and example-setting by a progressive professional team will instill a sense of ownership amongst all involvedÉstudents and facultyÉtoward a more successful outcome.

The ability to see through the disability to the "individual" underneath and a potential for appreciation for the strengths instead of a focus on weaknesses of the student is crucial.

The bottom line is that professionals involved set the tone for all in reference to the level of respect and value expected for all of the members of the classroom family.

CADA Proclaimation for Inclusion


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